Fuuse Voices is a series of video profiles of men and women who define themselves and their own lives by breaking boundaries, challenging stereotypes  and refusing to be limited by the expectations set by anyone other than themselves. Rejecting definition on racial, gender or cultural grounds, they choose their own paths and they chart their own journeys. You can follow these changemakers and learn from them, be empowered by them, be inspired by them through Fuuse Voices.

Fuuse is an independent media production company dedicated to putting women, people from minorities and third culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories. Its online video series, Fuuse Voices features people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds determined to contribute positively to a sometimes hostile world. These remarkable people show that it’s possible to be accepted, recognised and loved for who they really are. Everyday heroes. Like you.


Fuuse Voices: Yasmin Mulbocus, Activist and Former Extremist


Fuuse Voices: Ramy Essam – Musician


Fuuse Voices: Munir Zamir


Fuuse Voices: Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini, Peace Activist and Co-Founder of International Civil Society Action Network


Fuuse Voices: Meet Rawan Zaitoun – a peace activist on the ground in the Middle East shares her story


Fuuse Voices: Nazir Afzal OBE has devoted his life and legal skills to helping the most vulnerable. Fuuse Voices brings you his story.