White Right: Meeting The Enemy

In this authored Fuuse documentary, Emmy Award-winning film-maker Deeyah Khan joins the frontline of the race wars in America, sitting down face-to-face with Neo-Nazis and fascists and marching with them at the biggest and most violent Far Right rally in recent years. Khan, who received death threats from the Far Right movement after giving a TV interview advocating diversity and multiculturalism, tries to get behind the hatred and the violent ideology, to try to understand the personal reasons why people embrace racist extremism.

White Right: Meeting The Enemy received its world premiere on ITV in the UK on Monday 11th December 2017.

Viewers in the UK can now watch the film online here.

The film will be shown internationally in 2018.


“Part investigative journalist, part almost psychotherapist, Khan uses hard and soft skills to discover what drives such hatred and forces people to face her, their so-called enemy: it gets under their skin and yields results.”

– The Times

“An entirely worthwhile film and – given that Khan has received death threats in the past – a brave one, too.”

– The Guardian

“Deeyah Khan is an extraordinary film-maker. It was she who interviewed former Muslim radicalisers in Jihad, reduced one to tears of regret. In White Right: Meeting the Enemy she interviewed American far-righters and neo-Nazis and again reached the parts that others do not. Khan bravely made this film after she was interviewed on TV about multiculturalism, then received a barrage of hate calling her a “shitskin incubator” who should be “raped, tortured and killed”.”

– The Times

Photos from White Right: Meeting The Enemy.