About Fuuse

Fuuse | art & activism

Fuuse is an Emmy award-winning film, media, arts and live events production company, founded by Norwegian artist and activist,  Deeyah Khan.

Fuuse is comprised of Fuuse Films, Fuuse Mousiqi and Fuuse Live.

Fuuse manifests Deeyah’s mission and passion for supporting human rights by encouraging engagement and dialogue through the fusion of art and activism.

Fuuse specialises in producing original films and music projects as well as arts events and conversation gatherings.

Fuuse : films uses the language of imagery, storytelling and the imagination to inform, raise questions and encourage open, cross-cultural discussions. In its first year Fuuse Films won an Emmy and Peabody and received British Royal Television Society award nominations. Fuuse is building a reputation for artistically accomplished films that engage the questions of human rights. The individual storytelling style of Fuuse is born from creating access to people that are otherwise often out of reach, so genuinely new perspectives come to the fore.  Fuuse makes character-led films which reveal the human condition, ultimately creating resonances with our own lives and the universal values within these very personal stories.

Fuuse : live  presents events to showcase masterful performers and artists from all over the world. Live concerts and performances, discussions, seminars and workshops give both the performers and the audience opportunities to mix it up and find new fusions and infusions of ideas, projects, artistic forms and friendships.  Fuuse Live creates salon-style arts and conversation gatherings, as well as music events and festivals, to give a platform for global human rights activists and artists from across art forms – a fusion of art, ideas and activism.

Fuuse : mousiqi projects are rooted in the traditional language, culture annd history of the world’s musical artists.  The pleasure and surprise of foreign and familiar music is a way of opening a connection from the heart between people from different places.  Fuuse Mousiqi produces music recordings, collections and events that both celebrate global music forms and highlight the voices of artists who in their individual ways work for hope and human rights.


“As an artist I feel a great sense of responsibility to participate in our world during these challenging times. I believe in art as a vital form of critique of society, an instrument for social change, and also a source of beauty, history and freedom.

As a woman and as an artist my life embodies a fusion of the traditional and the modern, the east and the west, and between work as an artist and interest in engaging the world.” – Deeyah


The core advocacies of Fuuse: Human rights, Gender Equality, Freedom of Expression, Love, Social Justice and Peace.